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With Blast Mixers you control the mix! These concentrated versions of our popular XS® Energy Drinks add a blast of energy and flavor to any number of drinks, making your energy options endless! In this section you'll find information on our flavors, ingredients, downloadable product information sheets and an opportunity to purchase your own Blast Mixer.

Why Choose Us?

Brasher Enterprises has partner up with Xs Blast after talking to a few energy drinks companies. After along thought out process Brasher Enterprises when with Xs Blast because after all the talks and trying the energy drinks companies products. Brasher Enterprises believe in Xs Blast Product and love it. Brasher Enterprises believe that you shouldn't sell a product that you don't believe in. So with that said Brasher Enterprises promise you that we won't sell a product that we dont believe in and that why Brasher Enterprises chose Xs Blast to be our drink for our energy drink Division of Brasher Enterprises. 

Blast Mixer FAQ

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Blast Mixer FAQ

Q.What does Blast Mixer cost?

A.Retail is $40 a liter. It's $40 because it can make 33 energy drink and you can do more then energy Drinks. But if you break down 33 energy drinks ÷40 is less then a $1.30 per energy drink. If you go to the store pay $2.50 a energy drink. Do the Math $2.50×33=$82.50 You save $42.50

Q. Are Blast Mixers Kosher?

A.Yes, OU certified.

Q.Is Blast Mixer safe for pregnant women or children?

A.We don’t make recommendations on usage for pregnant women or children, especially with the inclusion of herbs and caffeine. We do recommend, for anyone that has usage questions to show the ingredients to your physician and ask if they feel it is safe for use based on your condition.

Q.How much Blast Mixer is safe?

A.Blast Mixer contains 80mg of caffeine per ounce along with B-Vitamins and a proprietary herb blend. Caffeine and herb impact is different per user so we recommend limiting your usage, especially if you don’t regularly consume caffeine; and if you have concerns, consult your physician.

Q.What happened to the pour spouts that used to come with Blast Mixer?

A.The pre-measured pour spouts were discontinued from the packaging in the transition of Blast Mixer, however they are still available via Blast Energy Gear.

You can add them to your Blast Mixer order. If mixing on your own, 1oz of Blast Mixer is the ingredient equivalent to one full 8.4oz can of energy drink. We recommend mixing 1oz of Blast Mixer with 7oz of water or carbonated water to create the equivalent of an energy drink. Pay attention to the ingredient panel to see how Blast Mixer ingredients compare to other energy options.

Q.Are there recipes for Blast Mixer?

A.Yes, there is E-mail Us and we will send it to you. 

Q.Do you have merchandising support for Blast Mixer?

A.The same place that offers Blast Mixer, OUR Blast Energy Gear page,will also offer Blast Mixer marketing and merchandising support. Find apparel, displays and promotional items at XS Gear to add to your Blast Mixer order to impact your marketing efforts.

Q.What flavors of Blast Mixer are available?

A.At the time of launch in September 2016 Blast Mixer was offered in four flavors: Cranberry-Grape, Lemon, Tropical and Classic. We hope to expand the offering as we get more established with the transition.


We sale blast energy mixer online and we do home party call mixers. We do all kind of mixers so call us or email us to talk about what kind of mixers you want.


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